The Walking Dead Game Season 3 Episode 1 Chapter 1


Chapter 1

In times of war, peace is either rare or short-lived. Peace follows after war, but that isn’t always the case. Nor is it that true happiness always comes with peace. The on-going war with Walkers is miniscule compared to the war against other survivors and even smaller compared to the war for the resources to survive. In a three front war against Walkers, humans and limited resources with expiration dates, who is the greatest enemy? What poses as your greatest threat?

Clyde: Clementine don’t fall behind!

Carrying a child in hand and a loaded bag on her shoulder, Clementine fell behind her group. Being the shortest member of her group she had shorter legs. Meaning she had to run at a faster pace than everyone else. She was tired. However, with the situation she was in, rest would be death. The bandits that attacked her camp used loud artillery. Their weapons increased Walker activity. Clementine and her group were surrounded. They were lucky to have enough elbow room to run past by the Walkers without needing to fight.

Amber: Clyde, we can stop! They wanted our resources, not us. We need a break.

Ryan: I can’t keep running.

Ryan was heaving for oxygen. Being a bigger man he wasn’t accustomed to running much.

Jules: Clyde we’re tired.

As they were making their complaints Clementine was able to hear all of it while catching up to the group.

Clementine: We have to keep moving. There are too many Walkers here.

Brandon was tired, angry and annoyed. He looked at Clementine with a dirty expression and said.

Brandon: Say’s the girl who was falling behind.

The group took a short break near logs. Everyone was fatigued- especially Clementine. Even Clyde was tired though he didn’t want to admit it. Alvin Jr. is the only exception. Although Alvin Jr. had exhausted his lungs, his reaction from hearing loud guns raging back and forth.

While Clyde was on his knees catching his breath he noticed the Walkers were being drawed nearer to them. He observed the only one in their group making substantial noise to draw them was Alvin Jr.

Clyde: That baby is drawing Walkers. Clementine do something.

Alvin Jr., loud and healthy, indeed was drawing Walkers. Clementine reached inside her jacket pocket and pulled out a pacifier. She put it in Alvin’s mouth and he quieted immediately. As Clementine calmed Alvin Jr., Clyde grabbed his hacksaw and promptly beheaded a lone Walker.

As the group paused to catch their breath, they looked back at what used to be their camp. Over seventy people were now vulnerable to the Walkers for the fact that over a few dozen men in trucks were able to outgun them. In the distance they could still hear the gunshots. In their minds they knew the ones being shot at were the ones who didn’t escape in time. Their break short. The Walkers knew where they could find their next meal.

Clementine got off the log and commanded the group.

Clementine: It’s time to go!

Amber tried to reach everyone with her words. She was attempting to motivate everyone to escape before it was too late.

Amber: Come on, get up! We can rest when we make it to the next town over.

Clyde began slicing heads in half created an exit for his exhausted friends.

Clyde: Grab your things, we’re leaving!

Ryan: Give me a minute.

Ryan was sweeting hard. He had serious trouble catching his breath. Not only did he have diabetes, he was a smoker and he wasn’t accustomed to physical exercise.

Brandon: Does it look like we have one? Get off your ass! We’re leaving.

Clementine took deep breaths. She wanted to fill her lungs with fresh air before moving again. She took a good hold of Alvin Jr. and she began to leave. Everyone else was getting ahead of her. Instead of leaving she paused. She was at a stalemate with her conscience. Ryan was still sitting down and his body refuse to let him leave.

Clementine: Ryan, were need to go. Get up! You’re going to be eaten if you stay here.

Ryan: I have diabetes. I just need some help getting up. Clementine help me.

Clementine only had a few second to decide. When she was running Howe’s Warehouse Ryan was always a good worker, a hard worker. However, she had little to no words to say to him at Howe’s. She had no emotional attachment to him what so ever. She thought about Lee and how brave he was when it came to save a good friend. But then again she wasn’t Lee.

Brandon: Get your head out of your ass and get over here!

Brandon yelled from over his shoulder. He restrained himself from going back to help her and Ryan.

Clyde and the rest of the group were gaining distance. New Walkers were already replacing the Walkers Clyde had killed. The path he created was getting narrow by the second.

Clementine: I’m sorry.

Clementine was sympathetic in her speech, but was apathetic in her actions. She turned her back to Ryan and began running.

Ryan was beyond terrified. He started sweeting more and his pants became more dramatic. The fear of death sent a surge of adrenaline through his system which he used to try to get up. He fell on his knees. He reached his arm out to Clementine and the rest of the group and cried to them.

Ryan: Please! Help me!

Clyde: Ryan!

Clyde thought he was just tired and needed to rest. Now realizing that Ryan literally could not continue on his own he turned back to help him. Amber thought the idea was stupid and she was fearful of his life.

Amber: What are you doing!

Brandon: They’re dead! Leave them!

Ryan noticed the Walkers were getting closer and he tried to get to his feet again but failed. He desperately wanted to get away so be began to crawl. His efforts still was not enough. The Walkers were faster still.

As the distance between him and Clyde became shorter he came across Clementine. He ignored Clementine in his speech and expression, but Clementine knew what he was doing was foolish.

Clementine: Clyde stop! There’s nothing we can do for him! It’s too late!

Clyde ran past Clementine ignoring her plea. Ryan saw Clyde coming. Seeing that all hope wasn’t lost he tried to crawl faster. He wanted to move closer to Clyde.

Clyde was seconds away from Ryan. If he only noticed Ryan a few seconds earlier there would have been a different outcome. The Walkers were able to get to him first. Ryan was now letting out bloodcurdling screams. He was becoming compact into the stomach of The Walking Dead.

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